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Places to hang out

Television Without Pity Firefly Forum   Well, the Science Fiction forums, but Firefly's on there. Easy enough.
Still Flying   Fairly active board for discussing general stuff about Firefly.
Official Boards
Shack's Firefly Recaps
Two Evil Monks   Images to drool over.
Whoa. Good Myth   Transcripts and great stuff by Shrift.
Orbiting Lights
Firefly Fans.net
The Dictionary of Mal   Self-explanatory. If not, take a look. Also check out the Evils of Firefly.
Industrial Looniee & Madness   Phil's vids. And stuff. Fun.
Mike's Images   Big screencaps galore.
Can't Take the Sky   Most everything else. More screencaps, DVD quality.
Serenity: The Official Movie Website

Fic Links

Mixed Stuff

Rutting Town Hall Discussions of a 'shippy nature.
Firefly's Glow
Serendipitous   Firefly fic improvs/challenges.
Firefly Friday   Firefly fic challenges.
Firefly Chronicles   Firefly fic challenges, gen only.
Firefly Fanfic   Firefly fic announcements.
Firefly 100   Firefly drabble challenges.
Firefly Ficathon   Firefly ficathon announcements.
Firefly Slash   Slashy fic challenges.

Gen/Het Stuff

Shanna's fics at Firefly's Glow

Slashy Stuff

Firefly Slash   The large mailing list for slash in the Firefly 'verse.
In Space No One Can Hear You Scream   The archive for Firefly Slash.
It hurts.   Midnightblue062's fanfiction and Livejournal (look along the side for links to the fic).
Tenth Muse's Fanfiction   Name a fandom, it's probably on there somewhere.
A Journey of the Heart: Fanfiction by Juli
Slashgirls   Heavy on the kink, but also heavy on the good writing.
Writing Pathways   Rachel Elisabeth's fic.

Compromising Positions