Taste of Cinnamon

Written for the wild and crazy Dirty Diana and made better by sffan.

Jack finished his first drink, his eyes glued to Daniel as he walked toward him. His eyes were drawn to the way Daniel's hips swayed as his normally long stride was constricted by the fabric of the costume he was wearing.

When Daniel had first mentioned the costume ball, Jack was reluctant to go and when Daniel showed him the outfits he'd bought, Jack was even more hesitant. But as with many things, he let Daniel have his way, and he was certainly glad that he had. He thought Daniel would look ridiculous dressed as an Egyptian pharaoh. The costume consisted of nothing more than a long, white cotton kilt, edged in gold, slung low around his hips, a couple of thin armbands curling around each of his biceps like the snakes that they were shaped to imitate, and a scarab medallion that hung around his neck, swinging gently against his bare chest. Daniel completed the costume by putting in his contacts and applying a heavy, dark eyeliner as well as some lip-gloss.

For all intents and purposes, Daniel should look ridiculous. But instead he looked incredibly...hot—like five-alarm-fire hot. Jack smiled as he realized he obviously wasn't the only one that thought so as several of the women, and more than a few of the men, looked at Daniel and let their eyes linger a little too long for his liking.

Not even bothering to try and stomp down the wave of possessiveness that flashed through him, Jack stood and met Daniel halfway to their table. He took the rum and coke out of Daniel's hand and drank it down quickly before pulling Daniel over into a dark corner. Before Daniel could say anything, Jack backed him against the wall and kissed those slick, glossy lips. He tasted Daniel and a faint hint of cinnamon. Daniel knew he loved the taste of cinnamon. He moved closer and let his right hand glide over the soft material of the kilt.

He swallowed the gasp breathed into his mouth as he ran his thumb over the skin just below Daniel's navel. He loved the feel of the soft hair and the way Daniel's stomach muscles twitched under his fingers. He slid his hand around the edge of Daniel's hip and down to the perfect curve of his ass; doubly aroused by the knowledge that Daniel wasn't wearing any underwear under the kilt. Figuring he might as well act the part of the fifties bad-boy he was dressed as, he gave Daniel's ass a firm squeeze and then leaned in and whispered into Daniel's ear, "I could fuck you right here."

Jack smirked at Daniel's quickly indrawn breath and ground his erection against Daniel before kissing his warm neck and sucking until he left a light mark. He could never get away with this at home, but something here made him want to make sure everyone knew Daniel was spoken for.

He let Daniel go and brushed his thumb across still slick lips and watched Daniel's eyes light up as he sucked his thumb into his mouth and then he grinned at the younger man. Adjusting his cap so that it sat rakishly on his head, he walked away from a slightly stunned looking Daniel; confident he'd given his lover something to think about.

An hour later, Daniel was only half expecting the hand that wrapped around his bicep and steered him toward the far corner of the ballroom. Another few steps and he was pushed behind a huge plant where a door was hidden. Jack opened the door, revealing a small, but opulent, bathroom. He turned as Jack locked the door, tossed his cap onto the counter, and stalked back over to him.

He never got a chance to be coy and ask Jack why he'd dragged him in here, as Jack immediately lifted him onto the bathroom counter, spread his legs and moved in closer. The kiss was rough and quick and tasted like warm smooth whiskey, which explained where Jack had been for the last hour. It also made Daniel's head spin. He lifted his hands to push Jack away, but Jack stopped the kiss on his own. He leaned forward to whisper in Daniel's ear while his hands slid down Daniel's legs, "I never imagined you would look like this. I should have given in to my instincts when you showed me in our hotel room." Hands, warm and focused, trailed up Daniel's thighs, pushing the material of the kilt apart, traveling upward and upward, until they reached his half-hard cock. He shuddered as Jack started teasing him with feather-light touches.

He'd seen a few brief scorching looks earlier in the evening, and the one right before he was dragged into that dark corner could have melted steel. Despite Jack's earlier avowal, it had never occurred to Daniel that he would ever find himself sitting on a bathroom counter with his legs splayed open like a slut, and a very determined, very horny Jack O'Neill more than prepared to follow through on his words. He knew Jack had not been keen on going to the costume ball but they had to head back to Colorado in two days and there was something about the atmosphere in New Orleans that made Daniel want to be wild and reckless.

The previous night, he'd surprised Jack on the balcony of their hotel room by starting a slow; teasing blowjob that had had Jack dragging him indoors after a few comments had floated up, letting them know they had an audience. He'd laughed at Jack's red face and then finished the blowjob just like Jack liked it.

Now he was the one surprised and flustered and he didn't think he was blushing but Jack's hands were busy getting him harder and harder and then Jack kissed him again, tongue tasting his lips over and over. Jack stopped kissing him and moved back, pulling off Daniel's sandals and unbuttoning his own jeans and letting Daniel see how hard he was from all of this.

He leaned back on the counter and gave Jack his dirtiest smile. He spread his legs further and laughed quietly at the unadulterated look of lust Jack gave him. He was about to comment on buying a Scottish kilt when they got home but Jack moved in and grabbed the back of his head, and pulled him forward to lick and suck at his Adam's apple. They both stopped to catch their breath and Daniel raised his eyebrows when Jack pulled a small tube out of his very tight jeans.

Jack smirked and said, "All bad boys carry lube around. I thought you knew." He spread some on himself then stepped up to Daniel and found his opening. He eased one finger in while whispering in Daniel's ear. "After all, we never know when we'll get that pretty boy who's been teasing us alone."

He laughed quietly and rubbed a thumb over one of Daniel's nipples. Daniel shuddered and arched his neck in response. He loved it when Jack teased him like this. He moaned quietly and then suddenly, the fingers that were teasing his opening were gone and Jack's hands were on his hips. The next thing he knew, Jack had pulled him off the counter.

Jack turned him around and Daniel was caught by his own reflection. Jack smoothed a hand up his back and pressed down, getting Daniel in position. Jack pushed the back of the kilt up, leaving it hanging open over his cock, fabric pooled on the counter.

"See how messy you look? I love it and I'm going to savor this for a very long time. I've always wanted to fuck you in a public place. But it's always so damn risky back home." Jack broke off to slip slowly into him. Daniel moaned quietly and bit his lip as Jack pushed relentlessly against the resistance of his body.

"Now you look so fucking hot. I can imagine us just meeting and me luring you in here and seducing you until you just let me have whatever I wanted."

He met Daniel's eyes in the mirror while his hands held the younger man's hips and pulled out then greedily pushed back in. Daniel shuddered, still biting his lip to prevent a louder moan at the sensation of Jack's cock moving in and out of his body.

"You'd give in but you wouldn't be gracious about it. You'd demand I fuck you how you want, fast and powerful, hungry for every thrust."

Jack's eyes lit up as he went off rhythm and plunged in hard over and over, before sliding a hand around burning hot skin to find Daniel's dick. He jerked hard and fast, and Daniel began to keen quietly. Daniel began to thrust into Jack's hand, unable to stop himself, a slave to the sensations that ran through him. They watched each other in the mirror, eyes locked on the image before them.

It was too much. Daniel stiffened and cried out, coming in short, fast spurts coating Jack's hand with come. With a loud groan, Jack stopped thrusting and dug his fingers into Daniel's hips. Daniel was barely aware of Jack's hands as he lightly stroked and petted him until he stopped shaking and was boneless and silent. Jack resumed his thrusts, keeping it light for a few strokes before going deeper and harder, his balls slapping against Daniel's body.

Jack gasped and ground his hips into Daniel's body. Daniel idly worried about bruises, knowing he was likely to end up in the infirmary before they healed. It was one thing to plead ignorance about the small hickey on his neck, but there would be no bull shitting his way out of hand-sized marks on his hips. Jack draped his body over Daniel's for a few moments and licked the sweat from his back. Daniel murmured in appreciation.

Daniel shuddered when the heat of Jack's body left him, but he was too sated to even think about moving. He heard water splash and then lukewarm wetness bathed him from the top of his back to the ticklish spots behind his knees. He was still high from his orgasm and let out a small giggle. He had no clue how they would make it back to their room upstairs without everyone they met knowing what they'd been doing. 'Why do you care?' his mind whispered to him. 'None of these people know you and will never see you again.' Daniel agreed with himself and shrugged off the embarrassment while anticipating Jack's nervousness.

He straightened up and tried to make his appearance look halfway decent. He ran his fingers through his hair and smoothed the kilt down, readjusting the pleats so that it hung properly again. The eyeliner was a total wash, so he quickly washed his face, removing the last traces of the smudged makeup. Jack handed him a towel and he asked the image standing beside him in the mirror, "You ready to head back to the room?"

A smile and nod was his answer and he relaxed into the arm around his waist. His first step outside he saw a huge guy look their way and briefly salute them, or rather Jack, as he returned the action.

"Who was that?"

"The guy I paid forty bucks to to make sure we were not disturbed.

"You are such the planner, or excuse me, strategist. What's next?"

They'd reached the elevator and had it to themselves. The music from the ball could be heard but Daniel wasn't interested any longer.

"I thought maybe you could show me that thing you do with your mouth while I sit outside on our balcony."

Daniel knew his mouth hung open a second too long by the triumphant look Jack gave him. A hand patted his ass, before two fingers snuck in under the edge of the waistband to caress the small of his back.

"You can use some of that cinnamon lip gloss too."

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