About Us

Fanfic, like politics, makes strange bedfellows. And yes, there is a joke in there.

Welcome to Compromising Positions. We're an eclectic group of writers who were drawn together first by our love of Joss Whedon's Firefly. Through that fandom we became friends and then cohabitors of this web site. There are many different voices here, many different styles and perspectives. There are fanfics, of course, covering several different fandoms and ranging from gen to slash, from G to NC-17 (appropriately labeled to warn the underage and the faint of heart). There are also essays and memoirs of the non-fannish variety if that's more to your taste or mood of the moment. In addition to the writing, there is some costuming and an image gallery for Firefly. Come in. Browse. Leave a note if you find that you particularly enjoy something you've seen.

Feedback is the bread of life to creative folks, after all. But most of all enjoy.
Compromising Positions